About Qatar

About Qatar


Qatar is a sovereign and independent Arab State. Islam is its official religion, Shari a (Islamic Law) is its principal source of legislation and Arabic is its official language. The Qatari people are part of the Arab nation. The Emir is the Head of State, and holds the executive powers with the assistance of the Council of Ministers .The Advisory Council is the legislative power in accordance with the Amended Provisional Constitution. The Judiciary is the third independent constitutional authority.


The state of Qatar is situated half-way along the west coast of the Arabian Gulf, east of the Arabian peninsula, between latitudes (27 to 24, and 10 to 26 degrees north) and long attitudes (45 to 50, and 40 to 51 degrees east.) The State of Qatar is a peninsula that extends northward in the Gulf waters.

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The State of Qatar covers an area of 11437 sq km. The territory of the State of Qatar includes a number of islands in the coastal waters of the peninsula. The most well-known of these islands are the Halul, which is the main export terminal for the offshore oilfields, Sharaouh, Al-Bashiriya, Safliya and others.

The present population of Qatar is estimated at 559.000 inhabitants.

Qatar has a desert climate of hot summer and relatively warm win



The State of Qatar generally consists of flat rocky surfaces. However, it includes some hills and sand dunes in the western and northern parts to the country. The surface of Qatar is characterized by a number of geographical phenomena including converse and inlets together with depressions and surface rainwater-draining in the north and central parts of the State


Doha is the capital city of Qatar and the seat of government, housing government departments, financial and commercial institutions.

Other Towns & Villages: Umm Said, Al-Khor, Madinat Al-Shamal, Dukhan, Al-Wakrah, Al-Ruwaise and Al-Zubarah are the most well-known towns and villages in Qatar.


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